mercredi 20 avril 2011

Precision M4600 on DELL France!

Yesterday was the M6600, today we have the chance to have the M4600 presented on that same French DELL website. Link below:

M4600 presentation

Precision M6600 on French and Canadian DELL websites

Now, things are becoming interesting! Today the DELL Precision M6600 has been seen on French and Canadian websites. For all, like me, who have been waiting -and still are - to purchase a new workstation based on the new generation of Intel processor (Sandy Bridge), this day sees the choice growing a bit more. Let's see what we have on the shelves:

1. LENOVO ThinkPad W520
2. HP Elitebook 8460w, 8560w and 8760w
3. DELL Precision M4600 and M6600

Now, while our American fellows can put their hands on the ThinkPad, in Europe we are still waiting for some attention...(Especially in France where we always are the latest to be served for some reason)

French DELL website

mardi 29 mars 2011

Lenovo lets you customize w520

At last we're starting to see some Sandy Bridge workstations coming out! You can now customize your W520 on Lenovo website but only in the USA. For European customers we'll have to wait unfortunately (as usual)...

Lenovo link to customize your W520

dimanche 20 mars 2011

Playing music with the iPad 2

I am not what one would call an Apple fan even though I have an iPhone 3G but I've always been a PC guy and never thought of getting a tablet, not even with Google Android but when I saw the demo of GarageBand running on iPad 2, I was just amazed by the user interface as well as the sounds coming out of it and started to think about all the cool things I could do on the go. I am a Cubase 5 user and know that you can't compare both devices (Cubase has VST instruments, midi, unlimited number of tracks etc...). Bottom line, as soon as this thing is available in France, it will be mine!

Future Sony Vaio AW with Sandy Bridge

Remember the Sony AW Series? Big and calibrated screens, best processors and components, optimized for professional (Photographs, designers..). The thing is Sony doesn't seem to have any plan for a sequel, wouldn't it be nice to have the same beast but with Sandy Bridge processors, SSD memory, USB 3 or Thunderbolt and of course a Quadro graphic card?
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Time to change my laptop!

I have been using a Sony Vaio SR29VN for a bit more than two years and it is time for a change. I need a powerful computer to perform softwares like AutoCAD, sketchup, Photoshop or Cubase (with a lot of VST running and a lot of sounds!...), I'm thinking of purchasing one of the following laptops, all with the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors:

  1. Sony Vaio SA or SB
  2. Dell Precision M4600 or M6600
  3. HP Elitebook 8560w or 8760w
  4. Lenovo w520
  5. Apple MacBook Pro 2011
Which one would you pick?

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